The Cobra Technique
Bolt Tec

At Cobra, we build things a little differently. When you buy a Cobra product – whether it’s a ute tray, a canopy, or a dog box – you’ll experience unparalleled quality. 

It’s all thanks to Bolt TEC, our specialist technique.

We create stronger & lighter trays

Traditionally, ute trays and canopies are created by welding materials together. This can create inflexibility in the products which leads to stress fractures in the aluminium. We set out to create products that allows for the movement needed in your car chassis off-road. By bolting these pressed profiles and only using welding where necessary, we create a product that is just as sturdy and won’t get those nasty stress fractures down the track. 

Headboard mesh
Bolted design

Prevent fractures & creates unparalleled good looks

By primarily bolting and only welding where needed, we allow the aluminium to move slightly as it needs to. This prevents stress fractures that can often occur in a tray or canopy that needs to move while still being securely mounted.

We use bolts to create better strength.

Most ute trays and canopies are created by welding lengths of steel together. At Cobra we do things a little differently by pressing & forging sheets of aluminium into stronger lighter profiles, creating strength.

Our stainless steel nuts are nyloc.

The nuts and bolts we use are essential to the quality and experience of our products. We use a stainless steel nyloc nut. Here’s why.

No rattling

Standard nuts and bolts vibrate loose when used in off-road situations. By using stainless steel nyloc nuts, the bolt tightens into nylon, preventing it from ever coming loose whilst off-roading. This is Cobra's foolproof method, backed with thousands of kilometres of testing.

No loosening

These bolts tightening into a nylon nut then means they won’t shake or vibrate and subsequently loosen compared to how a pure stainless steel nut and bolt combo might. The stainless steel portion means they won't rust.

CNC laser cutting, for perfection

Computer numerically controlled (CNC) laser cutting allows us to enter the specific dimensions we need into a computer. The computer then feeds that information into our laser cutting machine and cuts our sheets of steel to the exact decimal — ensuring perfection.

72ppi cobra product
72ppi cobra product

Bolt TEC creates unparalleled strength

As part of our Bolt TEC technology, we use a folding technique to strengthen the aluminium. This technique creates a significantly sturdier material with increased longevity.

The accessories your ute needs to keep taking a thrashing

Your ute takes a thrashing. You need to know your accessories can too.
Our products are custom-designed and manufactured here in Queensland by ute and 4×4 enthusiasts like you, backed by 30+ years fabrication experience.