About Cobra

We’re Cobra Industries, a team of 4×4 enthusiasts revolutionising how you use your ute.

The Cobra Industries Story

The Cobra Industries story is one of passion and innovation.

It started back in 1988 our founder Craig Hyde opened Cobra Manufacturing. We spent 1990 and the early 2000s inventing and manufacturing innovative products that we sold around the world. One being a two tier push bike parking rack that not only looks futuristic, but met the high expectations of a demanding world. As well as specialised mechanical engineering equipment in the compressed air industry.

cobra product accessories rack

Cobra Industrial Design

In 2018, we rebranded our business to Cobra Industrial Design, to reflect our expertise and especially our passion for providing these metal design solutions in manufacturing.

The entire team at Cobra Industrial Design was 4×4 obsessed and our work utes are everything to us. But, whenever we picked up a new tray or canopy, they lacked the thoughtful, considered design they needed. 

We decided to start a new division of the company, Cobra Industries, where we’d sell 4×4 ute trays, canopies and accessories.

Ute Trays
UTE canopy

The Cobra Technique

We established the Cobra Technique. A way of creating these products, ensuring they’re built to last without those consistent flaws we’d found throughout competitor models.

We realised that while much of what we wanted to change in these designs was universal in the team, our needs and what we used our utes for weren’t. 

  1. So, we created a modular design, so anyone that owns a ute can make a Cobra Industries product theirs.

Our Mission

It’s our mission to revolutionise the 4×4 industry through clever designs and unmatched sturdiness.

Revolutionise design

We’re always innovating and looking to revolutionise the designs we use.

Built to last

We create repeat business by providing quality products that last forever.

Prioritise function

From our modular design to our products’ practicality, function is our priority.

Build with quality

We prioritise quality. We use the most sturdy Australian-made materials available.

The accessories your ute needs to keep taking a thrashing

Your ute takes a thrashing. You need to know your accessories can too.
Our products are custom-designed and manufactured here in Queensland by ute and 4×4 enthusiasts like you, backed by 30+ years fabrication experience.