Custom Ute Trays
go the distance

When you need a sturdy ute tray that’s built to last, you need a Cobra ute tray. Maximise loading your ute and create more convenience in your day to day with our unique, customisable designs.

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Modular Design makes your ute tray yours

Our ute trays are created with a modular design, allowing you to customise your tray to your ute and its purpose. Whether that’s boosting your capabilities at work or creating the perfect 4x4ing tray, our aluminium ute trays are designed for versatility.

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What sets us apart

Cobra Industries believes in creating ute trays that are built to last. Each design is built using high quality materials and construction. Experience the Cobra Industries difference.

100% Quality Assured

We take great pride in our products and hold ourselves to the highest of standards every step of the way. Our ute trays are built to last a lifetime, so when you purchase a Cobra Industries product you can purchase with confidence.

Made tough, right here in Australia

We use Australian-made aluminium and a bolted design technique rather than welding in the construction of our ute trays. It’s our secret to preventing ute tray fractures.

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4x4 products that prioritise style and functionality

Our designs are made to be both functional and stylish. With a simple, timeless look, and handy features, make Cobra Industries trays your go-to solution.

High end finishes

All Cobra Industries products are finished with a durable, hard-wearing powder coat as standard. This gives each of our aluminium ute trays a long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing finish that’s tough enough to withstand the harshest of conditions.

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See our integratable features

The features of Cobra Industries aluminium ute trays are designed to make your life easier. We know what it’s like to need your ute tray tools during the day, or access that important item during a camping trip. That’s why we build a variety of integrated features into our aluminium ute trays to give you the convenience you need. With a Cobra Industries ute tray, there’s plenty of space for securely storing items.

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Rear Under Tray Draw

Our rear under tray drawers allow for maximum storage capacity in your ute tray. They provide 125 litres of storage to carry all your important tools and items. It’s made from light weight aluminium, with dual compression locks, giving you plenty of storage options.

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Side Tie Down Rails

Our side tie down rails are integrated into all Cobra Industries ute trays. They allow you to easily secure items in their place, with plenty of space for toolboxes and other important pieces.

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Platinum Series Angled Headboard

Platinum series angled headboards are available on all Cobra Industries ute trays, for a clean and robust finish.

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Rear Under Body Tapper Faced Boxes

A pair of rear underbody tapper faced boxes with dual compression locks come with each ute tray we create. These boxes provide additional storage solutions for items.

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Rear Under Body Boxes

Cobra Industries aluminium ute trays come with the option of rear underbody boxes for extra storage. These boxes have dual compression locks, and are a convenient way to keep items securely out of the way.

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Stainless Steel Diesel Filler

With Cobra Industries aluminium ute trays, you have the option of adding a lockable diesel filler to your ute tray order. These come in a durable stainless steel for a long-lasting solution.

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Stainless Steel Deck Tie Downs

These tie downs are the ultimate add-on for any Cobra Industries ute tray. They’re designed to assist in transporting your motorsport vehicles, making them perfect for those that love to ride dirt bikes.

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Tray Side Skins

Add tray side skins to your new ute tray design. A set of tray side skins gives extra style to the tray.

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2-Tone Powder Coating

At Cobra Industries, we provide a 2-tone powder coating option for our custom ute trays. This means you can add two colours to the same tray. Create a unique mix and match colour scheme.

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Removable Rear Ladder Rack

This modern design is created for excellence. Not only does it look stylish, it’s also practical. You can use the rear tradie rack for a number of tasks, including carrying ladders onto the worksite or to easily take gazebos camping. 

Cobra's Rear Tail Light Assembly

Cobra's Rear Tail Light Assembly

Our rear tail light assembly is inclusive of : 4x high quality led tail lights, 2x stedi reverse lights, 2x number plate lights, a laser cut light design and a laser cut number plate panel. We can also provide additional custom lighting as required.

Build Your Own Ute Tray Quote

We have a range of custom ute tray options available. Build your own aluminium ute tray that’s customised to your requirements, or choose from the outlined packages below. There are also a number of optional extras to choose from.

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Other ute accessories

Cobra Industries can make a wide range of ute accessories. Along with custom ute trays, we can also create a range of other parts, including:

Ute canopies

Ideal for keeping equipment securely protected on a worksite or storing additional camping gear on a trip, our ute canopies are made using Australian-sourced aluminium.

Dog boxes

Our dog boxes are available in four different sizes. They can be delivered to you ready-built or as a flatpack, and provide a safe space for your pooch on adventures.


We have a range of individual ute accessories available for purchase, including modular canopy storage shelves, rear tradie racks, fridge slide bolt-in kits, swing out jerry cans and more. All of our accessories are built to last using Australian-made aluminium.

About Cobra Industries

The first seeds of Cobra Industries’ story were planted in 1988, when founder Craig Hyde opened Cobra Manufacturing. During the 90s and early 00s, we invented and manufactured multiple innovative products and specialised engineering pieces.

We rebranded to Cobra Industrial Design in 2018 to express our passion for metal design solutions and manufacturing. It was here that we decided to form a new division of the company: Cobra Industries, to sell 4×4 ute trays and related accessories.

We’re proud of the way we build our products, and create designs that are built to last and custom to your needs. We call this the Cobra Technique – creating modular designs that allow you to make a Cobra Industries product your own.

Our mission is to create clever designs and unmatched sturdiness for the 4×4 industry. We build revolutionary, quality designs that prioritise functionality without compromising on style.

Dog Boxes

The accessories your ute needs to keep taking a thrashing

Your ute takes a thrashing. You need to know your accessories can too.
Our products are custom-designed and manufactured here in Queensland by ute and 4×4 enthusiasts like you, backed by 30+ years fabrication experience.