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When buying a ute, you are going to have to think about custom ute tray ideas. Any ute is only as good as the tray on its back. Therefore, the order of importance in buying a ute is the engine, wheels, and tray. But then, come the weekend, you might want to take it out and take it off road.

The Best 4WDing trips in South East Queensland

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Living in South East Queensland, we’re so lucky to be surrounded by picturesque 4WDing tracks with amazing variety. From the in-land bush tracks with rainforest destinations to the variety of beachside tracks along our east coast. 

Here are our top picks for 4WD trips in South East Queensland.


Bellthorpe National Park

If exploring rainforests is your thing, you can’t go past Bellthorpe National Park. Just west of Beerwah State Forest on the Sunshine Coast, Bellthorpe National Park offers a eucalyptus forest and rainforest in the southern Conondale Range.

If you’re a 4WD novice, we recommend doing this track in dry weather. It’s a red clay track, making it a challenging journey on wet days.

Conondale National Park

Enter the Conondale National Park via Kenilworth — just before Melany. The Kenilworth entry offers a picturesque drive and an easier track than entering south near Jimna. 

Filled with dense rainforest, this track takes you through the Conondale Range where you can see a lush rainforest with classic Australian eucalyptus trees.

This track is amazing for its views but can become challenging after rain due to the creeks flowing throughout.

national part
white sand

Cooloola Recreation Area

Nestled between Noosa Heads and Rainbow Beach, Cooloola Recreation Area is a coastal dream. 

You can four wheel drive past sandy cliffs, over different coloured sands, and then settle in at Cooloola Recreation Area for a fish, canoe, or even take a hike through the surrounding forest area.

Moreton Island

Moreton Island is an off-road sanctuary for any 4WDing enthusiast. If you love sand driving and amazing views, Moreton Island is for you.

This self-contained island offers a variety of brilliant four wheel driving tracks with almost no bitumen on the island. You’ll need to get a ferry passage and a vehicle access permit, and organise any camping fees for your stay but we promise it’s worth it.

sunrise over the beach

Stradbroke Island

A straightforward trip from Brisbane, Stradbroke Island is an amazing weekend getaway for any four wheel driving enthusiast. 

Just like Moreton Island, you’ll need to arrange a ferry passage and a vehicle access permit but just like Moreton, Straddie is absolutely worth it.

As for where to go 4WDing on Stradbroke? We recommend Flinders Beach and Cylinder Beach — both of which are just a stone’s throw away from the 4WD access point on the island.

Andrew Drynan Campground Beaudesert

If islands and beach views aren’t your thing, Andrew Drynan is probably for you. It’s inland in Beaudesert and it’s a picturesque landscape, combining lush greenery and flowing mountains with the stunning Australian outback.

There is a variety of easy going 4WD tracks around Andrew Drynan for a laidback weekend adventure and many of its surroundings can be explored by foot.

The Best 4WDing trips in South East Queensland

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