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When buying a ute, you are going to have to think about custom ute tray ideas. Any ute is only as good as the tray on its back. Therefore, the order of importance in buying a ute is the engine, wheels, and tray. But then, come the weekend, you might want to take it out and take it off road.

Make the most of your ute: how you can use 4×4 ute accessories

Ute Trays

Your 4×4 ute can be a bit of a workhorse. You might use it every day for work, to transport materials, tools, and even your best workmate, your dog. 

But then, come the weekend, you might want to take it out and take it off road. 

There are plenty of tradies out there who keep their Hilux or Triton for their Monday to Friday (or let’s face it, Monday to Saturday) gig. Then on the weekend, they pull out their old Land Cruiser or 4Runner.

You might not have the space or the budget to maintain two 4x4s at home though.

At Cobra Industries, we make robust, modular 4×4 ute accessories so you can power up your rig. Turn your ute into the perfect workmate and weekend warrior with these tips. 

Ute Trays

Your perfect 4x4 ute is individual to you

The accessories you need to create the perfect 4×4 ute for the weekday and the weekend is totally individual to you and your needs.

You might prefer a special ute tray with your dog cage and your toolbox secured up the back. You might prefer the protection a canopy offers. 

The brilliant thing about opting for a 4×4 ute over a wagon is that you have so much choice in how you customise your rig.

Ute trays

Ute trays don’t offer the best in protection but if you’re not a fan of the ute canopy, then a tray with the right accessories is for you. 

Secure your toolbox in an easy to access spot. The best placement for these is usually up on the left hand side at the back of the tray. 

This means even if you’re working in a busy city street, you’ll still have safe and simple access to your toolbox. 

It also leaves additional space for other items for when your 4x4ing comes around on the weekend.

We absolutely recommend our Cobra ute trays for the best of both worlds. Our modular designs allow you to decide how your ute tray is built and opens for your day to day use.

Our bolted technology decreases the chance of aluminium stress fractures as you go off road and put additional stress on your tray.

Ute canopies

Ute canopies have long been regarded as kind of inconvenient. Their original designs often made it tricky to access items at the back of your tray without pulling other items out.

Luckily for 4x4ers, this isn’t as big an issue as it once was. Even luckier, at Cobra Industries, we develop these with modular designs so you can ensure your canopy is accessible in the exact way you need it to be. 

Have opening doors placed exactly where you need them and optimise your ute canopy for the perfect workmate cross 4×4 ute hybrid.

Add some storage

Our ute canopies come with a range of modular shelving and drawer options. These can eliminate the need for an on-tray toolbox and create clever, accessible storage in your canopy.

Make a clear division between work and play

Add a centre divider into your ute canopy to make a clear division between work and play. Store your work gear on one side and your 4×4 gear on the other.

Is your dog coming?

Keep your dog safe on the road. We believe Cobra’s dog boxes for utes are some of the most secure and safest on the market

Our bolting technology works to prevent stress fractures in your aluminium. Keeping your dog safer on your ute.

When it comes to planning your ute so it suits both work and play, we recommend positioning your dog box up at the back of your tray.

If you have a toolbox to be positioned as well, we’d recommend placing this in front of the dog box. Just make sure your ute tray is built to open correctly, so you can easily let your dog in and out of their box.

Our dog boxes’ modular design means you can customise the door placement to your ute. 

These also provide additional storage on top, levelling up your storage space for your next 4×4 adventure.

Smart accessories to power up your ute

There are so many smart accessories available at Cobra Industries to power up your ute for work and play.

The accessories your ute needs to keep taking a thrashing

Your ute takes a thrashing. You need to know your accessories can too.
Our products are custom-designed and manufactured here in Queensland by ute and 4×4 enthusiasts like you, backed by 30+ years fabrication experience.