Dog Boxes
for utes

Your dog is your best mate, your greatest helper on the worksite, and your best camping companion. If you’re taking your dog out on the back of your ute, the best thing you can do is get them a dog cage.

Modular design to suit you and your dog

Our dog boxes for utes can be sent out to you readily-built or as a flatpack. You can easily assemble the dog box from its flatpack form. Its modular design means you can assemble the box in a few different ways to make sure it suits your dog, your ute, and your needs.

Dog Boxes
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The perfect 4x4 fit for your four-legged companion

Keeping your best mate safe on those long trips. We bolt our aluminium together instead of welding. Welding can create stress fractures in aluminium, meaning your cage could come apart without a moment’s notice along those tuff 4x4ing tracks. By bolting your cage, we increase you and your dog’s safety.

Designed & built here in South Brisbane

Each of our products are designed and manufactured in-house here in South Brisbane. with thousands of hours testing and designing our team of 4×4 enthusiasts always prioritise functionality and practicality in every design these dog cages are no exception.

Dog Boxes

4x4 products that prioritise style and functionality

Sturdy dog boxes built to last

We take great pride in producing some of the best dog cages in the business using only the high quality Australian sourced aluminium so you can drive away knowing your dog cage will last a lifetime.

Dog Boxes
Dog Boxes
Dog Boxes

Half canopy, half dog box

These half canopies and half dog boxes are the perfect addition to any vehicle. The dog box will protect your furry friends accompanied by the practicality of a Half canopy to protect your gear or from the weather. Even Suitable for a fridge to keep the drinks cold on the worksite.

See our integratable features

Dog Boxes

Rubber Bump Stop

Stop the rattle for the dog cage door.

dog Boxes

Centre Door


Add a centre divider door to support how you use your dog box.

Dog Boxes

Roof Rack

2kg – 3.5kg

Boost the capabilities of your ute and dog box with a roof rack.

Dog Boxes

Diamond Plate


Add traction to your tray and add a checker plate onto your order.

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The accessories your ute needs to keep taking a thrashing

Your ute takes a thrashing. You need to know your accessories can too.
Our products are custom-designed and manufactured here in Queensland by ute and 4×4 enthusiasts like you, backed by 30+ years fabrication experience.